Open doors – Private Prayer COVID19

The church is open on MondayThursday and Saturday from 10.00am – 12.00pm for private prayer and a volunteer will be present to welcome you. Please come in and stay as long as you wish. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible and therefore we ask that you read this notice before you pray. We are only admitting one household at a time so please do only come with those whom you live. Once again this is to help maintain safety for all who wish to pray.

Here are some helpful tips and advice on what to do to if you do come and pray in church:

First, when you enter you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer to make sure your hands are clean.

Second, you will need to sign in. This is in line with government guidance and will allow us to contact you in case of a localised outbreak. In lines with our GDPR policy we will delete your details in a safe manner 28 days after you have prayed.

Third, you will need to read the notice boards which will offer you more advice on what to do once in the building. You may also want to use the QR codes to light a candle or download some prayers to say.

Fourth, once in the church we have roped off all areas bar the back pew. We ask that you respect this and only sit in the back-left hand pew.

Once you have finished praying you can leave through the Narthex and exit via the main doors. We ask that you do not congregate in the hall or try to enter either of our offices as we want to maintain appropriate social distancing and allow our staff to work safely. If a queue is forming, and there are others who are waiting to pray, one of our wonderful volunteers will ask you vacate the pew after 15 minutes. This is to allow us to clean the pew and allow as many as possible to pray. If you arrive and someone is already praying why not go and find our prayer spaces or enjoy our church grounds. One of our volunteers will take your name and let you know when the next space is available.

Finally, we are not asking you to clean the pew when you leave. A lovely volunteer will do that for you. We just ask that you respect the rules set out and enjoy the space.