Prayer Visiting

Our aim is to offer a simple, straightforward service to all the people of our parish, regardless of their religious affiliation or belief. Each month, we visit a few roads at a time, asking the residents if they have matters of any sort that they would like us to pray about. These matters might arise from sickness, injury, unemployment, bereavement, or any other sort of problem, or they might simply involve a wish to give thanks for some benefit. The matters might be local and personal or relate to something from the national or international scene.

We go about this activity by putting cards through the doors of the houses in the selected streets. These explain our purpose and give residents space to write their requests. They also tell the people living there when we intend to call to collect the cards. We usually do this on a Sunday afternoon and then include the topics raised in our prayers in church the following Sunday. In this way we hope to show to the people of our parish that prayer is at the centre of our activity as a church and that we are concerned for the welfare of all of them. Should people not want us to call they are advised to place the card in a prominent position close to the door so that we can see it on approach. In that way we do not cause unnecessary annoyance to people who do not want us to disturb their Sunday afternoon repose.

In the five years of visiting we have almost completed our first round of this very large parish. The response of those we visit has been overwhelmingly positive and grateful for our concern, whether or not they have any topic for prayer. All who have taken part have found it most rewarding and have been greatly encouraged by the experience of taking part.


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