• Prayer for the week 04 September 2016

    3rd September

    Lord God, defend your Church from all false teaching and give to your people knowledge of your truth, that we may enjoy eternal life in…

  • Prayer for the week 31 July 2016

    3rd August

    Lord of heaven and earth, as Jesus taught his disciples to be persistent in prayer, give us patience and courage never to lose hope, but…

  • Prayer for the week 24 July 2016

    25th July

    Gracious Father, revive your Church in our day, and make her holy, strong and faithful, for your glory’s sake in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  • Prayer for the week 17 July 2016

    18th July

    Prayer for the week Lord God, your Son left the riches of heaven and became poor for our sake: when we prosper save us from…

  • Prayer of the week 10th July 2016

    9th July

    Generous God, you give us gifts and make them grow: though our faith is small as mustard seed, make it grow to your glory and…

  • Prayer for the week 3rd July 2016

    2nd July

    Creator God, you made us all in your image: may we discern you in all that we see, and serve you in all that we…

  • Prayer for the week 26th June 2016

    26th June

    Almighty God, send down upon your Church the riches of your Spirit, and kindle in all who minister the gospel your countless gifts of grace;…

  • Prayer for the week 19th June 2016

    18th June

    Gracious Father, by the obedience of Jesus you brought salvation to our wayward world: draw us into harmony with your will, that we may find…

  • Prayer for the week 12th June 2016

    12th June

    God our saviour, look on this wounded world in pity and in power; hold us fast to your promises of peace won for us by…

  • Prayer of the week 6th June 2016

    5th June

    Faithful Creator, whose mercy never fails: deepen our faithfulness to you and to your living Word, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen