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These pages record the public churchyard records of Norbury Parish Church, Hazel Grove. They represent the current state of the recording. These records are under regular review and will be updated as time and effort allow. In particular, the recording of memorial inscriptions is only partially complete.

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The web pages are in three sections.

  • The Name Indexes list the burial records in surname and then first name order. Separate lists are provided for each surname initial letter.
  • The Inscription Indexes list the memorial inscriptions for each section of the churchyard in numerical order. There is a separate list for each section.
  • The Churchyard Maps show a diagrammatic representation of each section of the churchyard, giving the approximate layout and identification of each grave.

In total there are about 17,000 burial records for about 4,000 graves.

Please be aware that it has taken many years to gather this information, and the cost to the church has been significant. Therefore if you would like to enter into correspondence about these records the current statutory fees are  £19 for the first hour and £16 for subsequent hours.

The churchyard was first opened for burials in 1834 and has continued in use right up to the present day. All the spaces available for new burials have now been used, but a number of spaces for memorial tablets are still available for the burial of ashes in the Gardens of Remembrance.

A new lawn Garden of Remembrance is also available which will enable the burial of ashes in a lawn area for the foreseeable future. There will be no tablet or marker in the actual lawn but the person's name will be entered in our Book of Remembrance.

Any work associated with a memorial requires the written permission of the Vicar. This includes a new memorial, repairs to an existing memorial or changes to the memorial inscription. Application for approval of the work should be made using our Memorial Application Form (pdf) which can be downloaded from here.

To search for a grave, please visit this link.


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