Growth Action Planning (GAP)

Going for Growth

As most of our readers will now be aware, GAP stands for Growth Action Planning! This is a diocese-wide initiative that has been running for a few years, and we have now completed GAP 4 which focused on two initiatives. Firstly, the installation of a new audio-visual system in church and secondly ‘GIFT 15’.

The new audio-visual system has involved the installation and utilisation of a new projector and an electronically operated screen in church, as well as an improved sound system and speakers. This now gives us greater freedom and creativity in certain services. The new screen is fully retractable, and therefore hidden when not in use. The new projector is now placed high and centrally, no longer in the way at ground level, so less intrusive, and without problematic wires and cables across the chancel and platform. The sound desk has been moved to the back of church, in a more practical and less obtrusive position, and the new speakers improve audibility throughout the church, including in the choir.

The second GAP goal involved a year of staged events called ‘GIFT 15’ – courses, sessions, groups, sermons, etc – with something for everyone. It was a time of wonderful spiritual discovery for everyone in the church – new and established, young and old – as it provided opportunities for us all to learn, explore, and deepen our Christian life.

Let’s all go for growth, and pray for it!