Prayer Diary

In prayer we seek to discern God’s will for us individually and collectively and to align ourselves with his purpose for us in all aspects of our lives. To that end we bring our concerns, petitions, and aspirations before him in prayer and at the same time thank him for all the blessings we enjoy, as well as asking his forgiveness for those things in which we have failed him either in what we have done amiss or what we have failed to do.

The Norbury Prayer Diary has been produced to assist in this day by day through the month in our private prayers. For each day there are sections relevant to our church here at Norbury, in all aspects of its operation, the wider church, the community in which we live, and the different parts of the parish, street by street.

Hopefully many will find it useful whether as it stands or as a trigger to wider exploration of the issues included. It might well also provoke us into thinking of issues needing our prayers but missing from the material printed. It does not claim to be exhaustive. It is intended to augment rather than replace week by week items which appear in the Take Away each Sunday.

At present our prayer diary is being revised