Vicar’s Blog December 2018

One of the great clichés in films is when someone dramatically flags down a taxi, the taxi screams to a halt, the person jumps straight in and says to the taxi-driver: “Follow that car!” The person being followed has made an escape, and the person following doesn’t want to lose track of the one in… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog November 2018

Each November, we call to mind on Remembrance Sunday all those who have died in conflict and give thanks for peace. This year our all-age Remembrance Service is at 10:15am on 11th November. It’s always a poignant moment in the calendar. This year, it has a particular significance, as it is 100 years since the… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog October 2018

Brenda and I were fortunate enough to catch the first couple of days of the Greenbelt Festival at the end of August. Greenbelt is a Christian festival that has been running annually for 45 years. It has grown a great deal over that time, and these days it is held in part of the Boughton… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog September 2018

The expression “fake news” has entered the language and our thinking. Two years ago, before the advent of a certain D Trump, the expression wouldn’t have made much sense to anyone. Before that, it was usually called “disinformation”, and it has a long history. Octavian used a campaign of disinformation to gain a victory over… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog August 2018

If anyone goes near a beach this summer, one thing they will be bound to see is a sandcastle. I’m amazed at the complexity of some sandcastles these days. Maybe you can now buy intricate moulds to do the work for you, rather than the humble bucket and spade! Even then, I’m sure they’d still… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog July 2018

I’m writing this just a few days after Tuesday 22nd May. The significance of that day, as I’m sure many readers will be aware, was that it was the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing. It was obviously a day of great sadness, but also one of encouragement and hope. Here at Norbury, we… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog June 2018

I’ve been thinking again about how fortunate we are in this country to live in peace, security, and relative affluence, even if things feel tight. Such thoughts are common, whenever we watch footage or read details of situations elsewhere where people are living in fear, danger and need. The situation in the Congo is just… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog May 2018

Because I’m writing this, as always, a few weeks before this blog is published, I don’t know where we’ll be at the start of May in terms of the present crisis in Anglo-Russian relations.  At the time of writing, it’s not a happy situation.  It’s arisen, of course, because of the gruesome poisoning of a… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog April 2018

I was musing somewhere recently on the fact that this month begins with April Fools’ Day, when the tradition is, of course, to play a trick at someone else’s expense.  Apparently, this tradition has been going on for centuries in many countries, but no one seems to know how it started.  Some of us (the… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog March 2018

Brenda and I recently went to see “Guys and Dolls” at the Royal Exchange Theatre. For those not familiar with the musical, it’s set in the New York underworld of the 1920s and 30s (based on stories by Damon Runyon from that time). It was a terrific production – colourful costumes, a clever set, some… Read more »


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