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  • Vicar’s Blog July 2018

    28th June

    I’m writing this just a few days after Tuesday 22nd May. The significance of that day, as I’m sure many readers will be aware, was…

  • Vicar’s Blog June 2018

    24th May

    I’ve been thinking again about how fortunate we are in this country to live in peace, security, and relative affluence, even if things feel tight….

  • Vicar’s Blog May 2018

    30th April

    Because I’m writing this, as always, a few weeks before this blog is published, I don’t know where we’ll be at the start of May…

  • Vicar’s Blog April 2018

    30th April

    I was musing somewhere recently on the fact that this month begins with April Fools’ Day, when the tradition is, of course, to play a…

  • Vicar’s Blog March 2018

    4th March

    Brenda and I recently went to see “Guys and Dolls” at the Royal Exchange Theatre. For those not familiar with the musical, it’s set in…

  • Vicar’s Blog February 2018

    2nd February

    Until the time comes (and I think it will eventually, at some point in the future) when we decide to fix the date of Easter,…

  • Vicar’s Blog January 2018

    2nd February

    A day or two ago (as at the time of writing – so late November) Archbishop John Sentamu appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on…

  • Vicar’s Blog December 2017

    3rd December

    I recently came across a character called Angelus Silesius, who was a 17th century German mystic.  In fact he was rather more than that: he…

  • Vicar’s Blog November 2017

    3rd November

    People generally don’t like “stirrers” – the types who tend to stir up trouble for others, by highlighting differences of opinion, or inflaming tensions, or…

  • Vicar’s Blog September 2017

    7th September

    The news is rarely all good, or all bad.  Usually, it’s a mixture of both. Once upon a time, in the early years of the…