Vicar’s Blog March 2016

Some bad news for the clergy, I’m afraid: a new opinion poll suggests we’re trusted less than we used to be!   Surveys comparing public trust in different groups have been carried out every year in this country since 1983, at which time the clergy were the most trusted group.  But no longer. The recent poll… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog February 2016

Journeys and journeying have again been in my mind recently.  I was writing this piece just before travelling up to the Lake District for a few days away after Christmas.  We’re looking forward to a short break, and also to getting to know a part of that area unknown to us up till now.  It’s… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog January 2016

Half way through January, I’ll be making my way down to Devon for a party.  It’s a long way to go for a party, but it’s no ordinary party.  My aunt will be celebrating her 100th birthday.  Not many people get to do that, although of course the number is increasing all the time.  There… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog December 2015

Every year, as many will know, we hold a Junior Schools Carol Service, at which we welcome all the Year 6 pupils from the six primary schools in Hazel Grove. The theme for this year’s service will be “Journeys & Refugees”. There are lots of journeys described in the Bible, including in the accounts of… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog November 2015

I’m writing this during the first week of the Rugby World Cup, and I noticed, rather late, that a “global prayer wave” was organized to celebrate the opening of the competition.  It was organized by a group called Engage 2015, which was evidently set up to help churches in the UK serve rugby supporters during… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog October 2015

We recently visited the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.  Earlier this year they opened the new extension and re-vamped exhibition spaces, and we were keen to see the new improved version!  The new building has been the object of plenty of praise and media interest, and actually it won the North West Building of the Year… Read more »

Vicar’s Blog September 2015

“Always look on the bright side of life”…. That’s the title of a well-known (perhaps now notorious!) song.  Whatever your associations with the song, the sentiment’s not a bad one.  Are you, as the expression goes, a glass half-full person, or a glass half-empty person?  (I had an amusing birthday card earlier this year, which… Read more »


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