Vicar’s Blog April 2018

I was musing somewhere recently on the fact that this month begins with April Fools’ Day, when the tradition is, of course, to play a trick at someone else’s expense.  Apparently, this tradition has been going on for centuries in many countries, but no one seems to know how it started.  Some of us (the middle-aged and upwards?) may remember the April Fools’ Day joke which the BBC ran one year when the supposedly serious investigative programme ‘Panorama’ broadcast a spoof report on the disastrous spaghetti harvest that year (from spaghetti trees) in Italy. 

We should be grateful for all fools, jokers and comedians.  There is an increasing body of evidence which proves that laughter is good for you.  Evidently laughing opens the arteries and increases the blood flow, strengthening the heart and thus helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.  Laughter really is “the best medicine”!

This year, of course, April Fools’ Day and Easter coincide, but although April Fools’ Day is associated with playing tricks, Easter Day is not.  The resurrection of Jesus was not, as once described, “a conjuring trick with bones”.  It was and remains a reality: the greatest miracle of all, and the pivotal event in history, which changes the way we are able to understand life and enables us to embrace life, and look forward to the life beyond, with hope.

Both are days to enjoy, but Easter Day trumps April Fools’ Day every time! 

As Christians, we carry a message of healing.  Perhaps, as Christians, we should all try to make each other laugh as often as possible.  It seems there’s real healing in that, too!

Wishing you a truly happy, and foolish, Easter!


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