Vicar’s Blog December 2018


One of the great clichés in films is when someone dramatically flags down a taxi, the taxi screams to a halt, the person jumps straight in and says to the taxi-driver: “Follow that car!” The person being followed has made an escape, and the person following doesn’t want to lose track of the one in front. Follow that car!

We have the chance this Christmas to “follow that star!” I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this month’s edition the little book, “Follow the Star”, that we’ll be making available at Norbury to accompany people through the days from Christmas Eve to Epiphany.

People follow stars all the time, and I’m not thinking about astronomers now! Whether it’s sport or show business, people will travel many miles and shell out lots of money to follow their favoured star. Well, there’s another sort of star that we can follow right where we are, without travel and without cost. This Christmas, we’ll enjoy the story again about the wise men following the star to find the infant Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem and the baby himself will become the star.

Just a few verses from the end of the Bible, in Revelation 22 verse 16, Jesus describes himself as “the bright Morning Star”. He’s the Star that can lead us on a new day to a new land of hope and peace. We can start the journey or continue the next leg of it this Christmas. It’s the best journey we can make, and, in a geographical sense, we don’t have to go anywhere to do it.

Follow that star!

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