Vicar’s Blog March 2019


I reflected on the Christian journey in the lead article of this month’s parish magazine, especially in terms of times of significant change, but we can perhaps also reflect on Lent as a journey. These six weeks from Ash Wednesday (6th March) leading up to Easter are traditionally a time for self-examination and it can be quite helpful to think of them as a mini-journey in themselves. What is it that we’d like to learn during this season about ourselves and our place in the world? Where would we like to be when the great celebration of Easter arrives? We can make it a journey of self-knowledge.

Spring, which we also usher in this month, is traditionally a time for spring-cleaning. Really well-organised people (!) might go through the house from top to bottom, give it a thorough clean, fling wide the doors and windows, get rid of the dust and debris of another year, including those places that don’t normally get cleaned – behind and underneath the furniture etc! Sometimes people use this moment to throw out stuff from the garage or loft, or things that are that’s getting in the way. It’s amazing what we find when we look.

The Season of Lent can be a time for spiritual spring-cleaning. A time to have a longer look within ourselves and see if there are bits that need a special clean or a clear-out. Is there anything we need to throw out from our life-style? Do we have some habit which is cluttering things up and would best be taken down to the tip? Would our prayer life benefit from a good dusting-down and a fresh start? God wants our lives to be clean and uncluttered so we’re free to enjoy ourselves in the fresh air of his love. That’s a good place to aim for, and a journey worth making.

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