Vicar’s Blog September 2017

The news is rarely all good, or all bad.  Usually, it’s a mixture of both.

Once upon a time, in the early years of the first millenium AD, a galley-ship was on the high seas.  The galley-slaves of this particular ship found that they had a priest among their number.  They asked for his guidance, and were told that they should all pray for relief and respite from their terrible labours.  They did, and they were overjoyed when this came about.  The galley-master came to them and said: “Men, you are clearly all exhausted, I can see that. So you will have a two-hour break, and you will be given food and drink.”  All the galley-slaves cheered, and looked gratefully at the priest.  The galley-master then continued: “The only slight snag is that this afternoon the Captain wants to go water-skiing.”

This month, like any other, we’ll all no doubt have things to celebrate and lament in our own lives!  A birthday to enjoy, a death to remember.  We’ll all receive a mixture of good news and bad.  And amongst all the encouragements at church, we’re sure to hit the odd setback.  That’s the way things tend to be.

So a tip for this month!   Share everything with God – good news and bad.  Thank him for all his blessings, and to seek his help in overcoming the problems.  Or as the saying goes:  “For all that has been, ‘thanks’; for all that is to come, ‘yes!’”  It’s a good approach to take.  With God we can have the courage to say ‘yes’.  The really good news is that God is with us all the way, in everything we encounter – good or bad!



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