Sunday services

8.30am Holy Communion

First, third and fifth Sundays of the month, BCP; second and fourth Sundays, CW
A spoken service, quiet and reflective in nature, with a short sermon.

10.15am Morning Service

First, third and fifth Sundays, Holy Communion (CW)
Holy Communion based on the Common Worship book, with hymns led by choir and organ and worship songs led by music group and singers. The service usually lasts about 1¼ hours.

Second Sunday, All Together Worship
An informal contemporary service that often includes drama, puppets,visual aids, contemporary songs and creative prayer. The whole church family – adults, young people and children – is together throughout this service, which lasts about an hour. It is a service aimed at differing learning styles and the congregations varying needs

Fourth Sunday, Morning Worship (CW)
This service is based on Common Worship Morning Prayer and, from time to time, we might focus on a particular theme or have a visiting preacher from one of the mission and relief societies we support as a church. The service usually lasts about an hour.

Baptisms and Thanksgivings

These can take place either in the Morning Service or at 12.30pm (in either case, on the second and fourth Sundays of the month)

6.30pm Evening Service

First Sunday, Evening Prayer
A service taken from Common Worship.

Second Sunday, Celtic Holy Communion
An informal Communion service reflecting the rich traditions of Celtic spirituality.

Third Sunday, Evening Worship
A themed informal service giving time for reflection and response.

Fourth Sunday, Holy Communion and Healing
A Communion service with an opportunity for those who wish it to receive the laying on of hands for healing.

Fifth Sunday, Memorial Service/Evening Prayer
Twice a year this takes the form of a memorial service especially for those who have experienced bereavement. On the other two ‘’fifth Sundays’ we follow Evening Prayer from Common Worship.